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Fix EC2 Windows logon issue by moving the AWS image to desktop and back

After installing a Windows Remote Desktop client access licenses, commonly known as CALs, on an AWS EC2-based Windows machine, I made a mistake of not specifying my RD license server in the terminal server settings. Once the demo licenses ran out, the CALs did not take, and I ended up with a valuable machine, used by 4 people daily, locked out and impossible to login into.

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Coffee with crema from an Aeropress – a howto

What makes crema?

Crema is a foam comprising coffee oils, carbon dioxide created during coffee roasting and air trapped in coffee grounds. There are several exhaustive Coffeegeek articles in the subject. (I  also think electric-pump-based coffee/espresso machines increase crema by aerating brewing water.)

Why there is little crema in coffee from Aeropress?

Oils and bubbles, being lighter than water, travel up when brewing. When Aeropress is used as described in the manual, crema is filtered last and gets absorbed in the grounds and paper filter.

crema in inverted aeropress

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Video Stabilization with Deshaker in Blender

Action video is often lacking clear persistent references to stabilize video with – they either are not present in the frame for very long, or often compressed out of frame as the codec is trying to spend most of its bandwidth on moving objects in the shot.

Deshaker, a plugin for Windows program VirtualDub, with its capability to find and track multiple visual references (literally hundreds of them) automatically from frame to frame is the king of action video stabilization. (It works on Linux, too, see below).

Deshaker scanning a file

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