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How to fit a bicycle in 4 easy steps



Desired use, weight, quality of components, price – just a few very important attributes for
choosing a bike. None of the above matter if the bike does not fit.

Riding an improperly adjusted bike is painful. If your knees or back are in pain or your seat is killing you, the most likely reason is fit.

How am I an expert? I bought my bike and adjusted it for 6 months, searching the Internet for tips and explanations, until I got it right. I have a mountain bike, so while the tips below may help with road bike, I am sure there is a number of things I simply don’t know. Also, there are other adjustments you could make to improve performance, but these 4 are an absolute must – read on. Continue reading

Критика России Нигерией в ООН

Из интернетов:

А я вот никогда не думала, что доживу до того момента, когда представитель Нигерии скажет представителю великой России «Ваши представления о сферах влияния коренятся в девятнадцатом веке и не работают в современном мире, современный мир намного сложнее». И ведь не поспоришь. Continue reading

Russia and Ukraine – follow the money!

  1. Oil and gas is 75% of Russian exports, up from 67% in 1980 (Source: Economist)
  2. Export was 29.44% of Russian GDP in 2012 (Source: Worldbank)
  3. “Gazprom Export is one of the most successful and advanced Russian companies, the size of its export earnings largely fills in Russia’s budget revenues.” (Source: Gazprom Export)
  4. 55% of Gazprom’s transmission capacity comes through Ukraine (142 out of 257 bcm/year, Source: EEGAFSU_Pipelines-2011-11_eng
  5. Russia is supplying and subsidizing Ukraine’s gas (Source: Reuters)
  6. Ukraine needed 5.5 bcf in 2012 (bcf is 0.028 bcm) (Source: Barrons)
  7. Shell signed a deal with Ukraine in 2013 to mine shale gas, planned at least 7 BCM/year in 2018 (Source: Reuters)
  8. Chevron signed a deal with Ukraine in 2013 to mine shale gas, planned at least 11 BCM/year in 2018 (Source: Reuters)
  9. Gazprom supplies 30% of Europe and Turkey’s gas (Source: Moscow Times) – It would probably be a bit hard to find replacement for this chunk of gas in a hurry, so fuss with Russia is not desirable.
  10. “Gazprom lost around $1.5bn of revenues” – in just 13 days – during Russia-Ukraine dispute of 2009, when they shut off all gas flows through Ukraine (Source: Oxford Energy)
  11. There are liquidity issues in Russia right now (Telegraph, Reuters)
  12. “Most of the loans for Olympic projects were extended by state-run Vneshekonombank. Of the total of 241B rubles ($7.45B) in loans, 165B rubles ($5.1B) have government guarantees.” (Source: Sport Business Daily)