Russia and Ukraine – follow the money!

  1. Oil and gas is 75% of Russian exports, up from 67% in 1980 (Source: Economist)
  2. Export was 29.44% of Russian GDP in 2012 (Source: Worldbank)
  3. “Gazprom Export is one of the most successful and advanced Russian companies, the size of its export earnings largely fills in Russia’s budget revenues.” (Source: Gazprom Export)
  4. 55% of Gazprom’s transmission capacity comes through Ukraine (142 out of 257 bcm/year, Source: EEGAFSU_Pipelines-2011-11_eng
  5. Russia is supplying and subsidizing Ukraine’s gas (Source: Reuters)
  6. Ukraine needed 5.5 bcf in 2012 (bcf is 0.028 bcm) (Source: Barrons)
  7. Shell signed a deal with Ukraine in 2013 to mine shale gas, planned at least 7 BCM/year in 2018 (Source: Reuters)
  8. Chevron signed a deal with Ukraine in 2013 to mine shale gas, planned at least 11 BCM/year in 2018 (Source: Reuters)
  9. Gazprom supplies 30% of Europe and Turkey’s gas (Source: Moscow Times) – It would probably be a bit hard to find replacement for this chunk of gas in a hurry, so fuss with Russia is not desirable.
  10. “Gazprom lost around $1.5bn of revenues” – in just 13 days – during Russia-Ukraine dispute of 2009, when they shut off all gas flows through Ukraine (Source: Oxford Energy)
  11. There are liquidity issues in Russia right now (Telegraph, Reuters)
  12. “Most of the loans for Olympic projects were extended by state-run Vneshekonombank. Of the total of 241B rubles ($7.45B) in loans, 165B rubles ($5.1B) have government guarantees.” (Source: Sport Business Daily)


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